Un regalo por todo lo alto

In Marea Alta we work with fresh produce that comes to us from the different markets in the first hour so the final menu is designed on the day taking into account the product that has arrived that morning.
All menus and drink options are combinable to taste. These gift vouchers are open to reservations at noon or night service and are valid for 6 months after purchase. Once the payment of these is made, it will not be refundable in any case.

Have dinner


Opción A

* Price per person 25€ (TAX included)
Cervezas, refrescos, agua, pan, café y copas de vino

Opción B

* Price per person 35€ (TAX included)
Cervezas o cava, refrescos, agua, pan, café y copas XXL

Opción C

* Price per person 45€ (TAX included)
Cervezas, cava o champagne (copa), agua, pan, café y vino