Chargrilled fish

The chargrilled fish restaurant with its own take on embers

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The unique flavour of chargrilling
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Our origin is in embers

We travel different areas of Spain to reinterpret cooking and thus offer a chargrilled fish restaurant with a different point of view. With recognition from the great masters (El Kaia, Elkano, Etxebarri, and Gueyu Mar, to name just a few), we strive to create our own style of chargrilled fish, since the most important thing to us is the end result, enhancing the taste and succulence of the fish. It is essential for these two qualities -taste and succulence- to be fulfilled when trying our fish. These are the two things we focus on at Marea Alta. And to make them happen, we only work with the freshest fish, the highest quality embers (made using oak charcoal) and the expert hand of our master chargriller.

We believe that chargrilling gives fish a unique flavour, a flavour that even today brings us back to our origins, when coal was the first element used to cook food, thus bringing up memories of the characteristic taste of our ancestors, a taste we have carried in our DNA for thousands of years.